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Keeping cool in the refreshing water of your own pool can be one of the most relaxing and serene ways to beat our south Texas heat. However, keeping your swimming pool and spa in good working condition requires regular pool maintenance. Hiring a professional pool cleaning service can give you a break from the daily and weekly tasks that keep your pool sparkling. The experts at Pool Peeps will not only give you some peace of mind, but will allow you the luxury of just enjoying pool ownership. The premier pool maintenance experts at Pool Peeps are certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation and go above and beyond to ensure your backyard oasis is ready to welcome you home.

Here’s what some of our loyal customers have shared about our services and the benefits of hiring Pool Peeps as your pool and spa maintenance experts.


Very friendly and knowledgeable experts that take the time to teach you about pool chemistry. My only regret is that I did not find Pool Peeps 4 years ago when the pool was installed. My wife and I highly recommend Pool Peeps, especially to new pool owners. They will ensure you know what you're doing so that you will have years of fun in your new pool. Do not wait like we did! Give them a call today!

Michael C, Boerne

I have used the services of Robert Steward at Pool Peeps for about a year. Rob is extremely knowledgeable about pool chemistry and many types of algae and bacteria that can ruin a pool rather than dumping a lot of corrosive and toxic chemicals in the pool like some pool companies do, he analysis of water using sophisticated equipment and balances the chemistry so that the pool is crystal clear and comfortable to swim in. Rob and Mags go above and beyond and customer care. When I hosted an outdoor party during the height of the oak pollen season Pool Peeps came by three times that week to ensure the pool was sparkling “Blue Lagoon” for my guests. Everyone raved about how beautiful my pool looked. I would highly recommend Pool Peeps to anyone who owns a pool. The time and care he takes on every pool will save wear and tear on the pool equipment in plaster, and guarantee that the pool is correctly balanced and adjusted for swimming all season long.


Since changing to Pool Peeps the condition of our pool shows marked improvement in overall cleanliness and tidiness. Also, importantly, is the efficiency of the pool cleaner. The cleaner is fine-tuned to resist coiling. I am impressed by their desire to be up-to-date on the field when they attended an all-day workshop given by the manufacturer of the pool cleaner used in our pool. Pool Peeps operates in a very professional way. They provide a timely technical report of 9 chemical analyses of the water, the filter pressure and condition of the equipment along with a list of the tasks completed during the cleaning session including a log of the time spent on the job. The report tells when and how they will make the corrections needed for the water or equipment. The comments written keep you informed about any special work, changes in schedule, etc. to keep you abreast of things. Pool Peeps easily befriended our dog who appreciates kind people. They are friendly and personable and best of all, reliable.

MS, Fair Oaks Ranch

Pool Peeps are truly the gold standard in Boerne for pool service. I have used several other companies in the area and none come close to the Peeps when it comes to service, quality, and professionalism. Their approach has been truly refreshing and I would recommend them to anyone.

Doug K

Thanks, Pool Peeps. Our pool water, pool bottom & sides have not looked this good for much of 2016 until you began servicing it.

West, Fair Oaks Ranch

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