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It was their love of animals that drew Mags and Robert together when they met a few years ago in Boerne. Mags grew up in The Bronx, and moved here in 2003 after visiting Boerne and falling in love with the town. She was a Licensed Veterinary Technician running a specialty hospital for animals when she originally came to Boerne to teach a friend how to use an ultrasound machine on exotic animals and moved here a year later. Robert, who grew up in Port Arthur Texas moved to Boerne to be closer to his children met Mags and fell in love. Robert has two kids, Conor, who you might see cleaning your pool and Megan, who lives in Dallas. Robert retired early from the medical field to care for his dad and sister. Robert believes in the pool owner being informed, educated and having people dedicated to caring for their pools. Mags finds that there is almost something zen about cleaning pools. She feels very serene when she turns the spas and waterfalls on and listens to the pool as she cleans it. Mags says “If you aren’t wet, you aren’t working”. Robert enjoys teaching pool-school. A pool is a beautiful example of the interaction of chemistry and physics. Physics explains everything but love.

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Pool Peeps Team in Boerne

Conor Steward

I'm from Boerne and went to school at Texas State. A fun fact about me is that I can do calculus in my head but can't spell. I enjoy cycling, puppies and hanging with friends. I am a certified firefighter and certified EMT. I clean pools because it's immediately gratifying.
Pool Peeps Team in Boerne

Patrick McMullin

I'm from Boerne and currently attending Texas State for Business. I enjoy running and playing video games. Fun fact about me is that I have ridden every ride at Six Flags. I clean pools because they need to be cleaned.

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Raphael Martinez

I'm from Mathis Texas and currently attending UTSA studying mathematics and aspiring data scientist. I enjoy playing piano and guitar. I clean pools because I have an interest in balancing water, I worked at a water treatment plant so I know how important it is to keep your pool water safe and balanced.

Pool Peep Rick

Rick Chiavacci

I've been an employee at Pool Peeps since the beginning. I was born in Phoenix, AZ, but consider myself a native Texan. I went to school at the University of Texas-Pan American. I enjoy sports, motorcycle cruising and traveling. A few fun facts about me are that I love dogs, computers, and dancing to 80's music. I have a nursing background and I'm a retired Air Force veteran. I repair pools because it is challenging and enjoyable. I am a licensed Residential Appliance Installer, license #282934.

Pool Service and Repair
Calvin the Duck gives Pool Tips on pool maintenance, safety and fun all year long. Keep an eye out on his blog for all the tips.
Pool Service and Repair
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